A very warm welcome to the small loco group.

We are a small young and friendly bunch who pride ourselves in caring for the smaller engines at the Nene Valley Railway, Peterborough.  
The locomotives we currently care for are Derek Crouch, Jacks Green and Tinkerbell.

We make it our job to restore these engines and our ambition is to have them running again to delight visitors to Nene Valley Railway in the near future.

Our first restoration was Derek Crouch - we rescued him from a rusting hulk, replacing much of his metalwork over hundreds of hours. He's now cosmetically restored and visitors are able to step into his cab and pull his levers.

Currently we are cosmetically restoring Jacks Green. But this isn't enough. We want to see engines working. So our next project is the full restoration of the delightful little Danish tank Tinkerbell.

So - if you don't want to see steam engines being slowly destroyed by rust; if you want to see their power and noise for real then we need your help please. It takes hard cash to get these engines running again, please click here to see how you can easily donate.

If you're happy to wear overalls then we'd love to see you at Wansford, please come and help, enjoy yourself, learn some new skills and get these engines doing what they should be doing.

Please Contact Nathan Wilson if you wish to join in!

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