0-6-0ST No.1953 was built by the Hunslet locomotive company of Leeds in 1939. ‘Jacks Green’ was purchased for use at the Nassington Ironstone Quarries, which were situated just three miles to the west of Wansford. The locomotive was used for hauling iron ore tipplers out of the quarries, usually three to four at a time to the dispatch sidings to make up longer trains ready to be picked up to be taken away on the mainline. Jacks Green and its sister engine ‘Ring Haw’ (based on the North Norfolk Railway) were the last two remaining steam locomotives in Ironstone quarry use in England when the quarries were closed in 1970.

‘Jacks Green’ was delivered to the Peterborough Sugar beet Factory, the base of the Peterborough Railway Society in steam on the 1st January 1971. Here the loco was used at the PRS open days, and later after the move from the factory to Wansford.

During 1976-1977 ‘Jacks Green’ was completely overhauled by the apprentices of Peter Brotherhood ltd, and was then repainted by PRS members into LNER apple green livery. It then travelled down the east coast mainline to Peterborough station, where it then travelled down the Fletton loop and up the NVR line to Wansford. During 1980 the locomotive was fitted with an air pump and air breaking equipment.

‘Jacks Green’ was taken out of service in 1987 in need of a complete overhaul, which can only take place once the funds are in place for it.

‘Jacks Green’ is currently situated in the centre shed at Wansford and is awaiting funds to complete a cosmetic overhaul.

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